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Small waterfall spilling into Lake Superior

A 30-second exposure was used to capture a small waterfall spilling into Lake Superior at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Photographer:Greg Tucker

小瀑布流進蘇必利爾湖, 美國威斯康辛州(自翻, 獻醜)

在彩岩國家湖濱區, 用30秒的曝光來捕捉小瀑布流進蘇必利爾湖


Fish swimming near mangrove roots

This photo was taken in the lagoon at Coconut Island, Hawaii. I worked there for seven years and Kaneohe is one of my favorite places. Because the little island is preserved, the reefs are still intact—paradise.

Photographer:Gwen Goodmanlowe

小魚游近紅樹林根部(自翻, 獻醜)



Tube Anemone, Bali

This large tube anemone, photographed in Tulamben, Bali, stood high off the black-sand bottom, allowing me to shoot its spectacular tentacles from below and capture its graceful movement. The flashlight highlighted the anemone’s dazzling luminance, while the setting sun added a sense of atmosphere.

Photographer:Tara Noble Singh

巴里島管海葵(自翻, 獻醜)

這大型管海葵拍攝自巴里島的Tulamben, 站立在黑沙底部,允許我從底部拍攝它壯觀的觸手和捕捉到它優美的運動。 當落日新增了大氣感覺, 這光線投射入水中突顯了海葵的目眩光亮。


Lightning at Huntington Beach, Ohio

While at Huntington Beach in Bay Village, Ohio, I saw a storm approaching fast out of the north. I got lucky and was in the right place at the right time. Within a minute of this shot, the storm unleashed its fury on the beach. It was a great day.

Photographer:James Larkin



翻譯:夕霧 審核:稻草人


Moose Cow and Calf, Mayfield Lake

Morning draws a moose cow and calf into the shallows of Mayfield Lake in British Columbia. With a rich array of species, including several types of large mammals, the M-K offers a unique window on wildlife. Few roads open into the region, limiting human access—but not animal behavior, says Kathy Parker, a professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Northern British Columbia. A relatively intact landscape has helped keep ecosystems intact and let animals retain flexibility in what they eat and how they migrate. "Animals in the M-K still have a lot of options," Parker says. "It allows animals to use more than one strategy to make a living, which may be important for long-term survival and reproduction."

See more photographs from the November 2008 feature story "Northern Giant."

Photographer:Michael Christopher Brown




翻譯:魔法星星 審核:稻草人


Misty Horses, Somerset, England, 1992

"'Uncheckt shadows of green brown and gray,' poet John Clare wrote of the moors, land that 'never felt the rage of blundering plough.' On Exmoor, hedge banks faintly trace the far hill. Supporters hope they won't vanish over the horizon of time."

From "Britain's Hedgerows," September 1993, National Geographic magazine

Photographer:Sam Abell


“捉摸不定的綠色棕色和灰色的陰霾,”這是約翰 克雷爾(John Clare)寫的關於高沼地的詩句,一個“永遠不會感覺到大地的憤怒”的地方。在埃克斯莫爾(Exmoor),一排排的樹籬在遠處的山丘上依稀可見。支持者們希望它們將來不會消失。



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